Elective course on LaTeX 2012

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For international students

While the lectures will be in English, this site is in Danish (except for this particular page). This is due to the course originally being taught in Danish, but also due to the already abundant information on LaTeX written in english, e.g. the LaTeX wikibook.

Since this page is already in English, attempting to read it through google translate can be quite confusing.


Date Subjects Slides
10/10-2012 Introduction and installation. sections, table of contents, figures, tables, formulas, multiple files Fil:Latex1-2012.pdf
17/10-2012 Text formatting, lists, headers/footers, margins, labels/references Fil:Latex2-2012.pdf
24/10-2012 Numbered formulas, alignment, BibTeX (for citing sources), subversion(SVN) Fil:Latex3-2012.pdf
31/10-2012 SVN part 2, LaTeX Macros, exam assignment explained, recap of desired subjects Fil:Latex4-2012.pdf
7/11-2012 Exam assignment help (no lecture) Fil:Latex5-2012.pdf


A subversion server has been set up for you to play with. See the page on SVN for help on installing an SVN client and accessing the server.

SVN server url: http://svn.zpc.dk/latex

Username: user

Password: 1234


The exam consists of a small written assignment, one assignment per group. Deadline is December 26, 2012.

Exam Option 1

Imagine you had to use LaTeX for your report this semester. Create a LaTeX project with the following (you are welcome to use the report template as a starting point):

  • Report is split into multiple .tex files
  • Contains front page, title sheet (synopsis, group members etc.) and a table of contents
  • Multiple chapters/sections
  • Two figures next to each other
  • Tables
  • Labels and references - both to sections and to figures
  • Citing references in the report
  • Bibliography / literature list
  • Equations (at minimum both in-line and numbered)
  • Multiple list types (itemize, enumeration, description)
  • Remember to use relative paths (for files and images), or it will only work properly on your own computer

Send the files to me (as a .zip or .rar or whatever) at LatexATmikkldk.jpg. If you do not receive confirmation that I have received your assignment within 24 hours, please send a second e-mail (with no attachment) asking me to confirm - the AAU mail server may have decided to block your e-mail.

Exam Option 2

Find one or several topics on this site (latex.mikkl.dk) that you feel needs to be improved, or that is not yet covered. You will then have the opportunity to improve the site, so you and your fellow students can use it as future reference. Contact me for approval on the topic you wish to expand on, so I can make sure multiple groups aren't contributing to the same topics.

You MUST approve the topic with me in advance if you want to be sure to pass the course!

If you choose this option, an account will be created for your group, allowing you to edit pages on this site.

Example Report

Some of you have requested to see an example LaTeX project. You are welcome to download the LaTeX files from the project I worked on my 6th semester: Fil:Example-project.zip

The .zip file includes a properly generated PDF, in case you are unable to compile but would like to see the result.


The course is run by Mikkel Madsen, 9th semester software engineering student. Group room H217 Esbjerg Institute of Technology.

Questions with regards to the course or subsequent LaTeX related issues can be directed to LatexATmikkldk.jpg.